Making Love With Your Wife – 3 Tips To Help Your Lovemaking

Making love with your wife isn’t something that you should be able to describe in a sentence or two.  It should be an intimate, passionate experience and you should feel a connection with her that is unlike anything else you experience in the rest of your life.  There is a difference between having sex with your wife and making love to her.  If you wanna treat her with the respect she deserves and experience the kind of passion you both deserve, here are some things you might want to consider.

Tips For Making Love With Your Wife


1. Get Intimate.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before, so it’s more a question of how you make this happen.  And the thing is it’s not like you can say to your wife, “Alright, I guess we should start by getting intimate” and she will open up and be all vulnerable.  For her to be intimate with you, really let you in, she needs to know that you want to get to know her.. AS A PERSON.  Yeah she wants to know you love her body and are really attracted to her, but for her to be intimate with you she needs to trust you.  And that means she needs to know you’re interested in who she is as a person.  Letting her know that you feel that way is one way to make your wife feel loved when you’re making love with your wife.

2.  Talk To Her.  I know, nothing new here either, but the key is in how you talk to her.  If there is stuff between the two of you that you aren’t saying, then that will prevent you from being close sexually. Making love with your wife  is not some thing that exists in isolation, it is an extension of your relationship as a whole.  If you resent something she’s done, or are annoyed with her, that’s not the way to love your wife.  I mean of course you can feel that way, but then you need to tell her about it.  If you think she’s not paying enough attention to you, or is giving the kids so much attention that she’s neglecting you, don’t go weeks feeling frustrated about it.  Just say it to her.

Sure she might get defensive and lash out at you, but afterwards chances are you can have a conversation about exactly what the problem is.  And once you have an idea of what’s wrong, then you can start to take steps to fix it.

3. Use Your Tongue.  And this time it has nothing to do with talking.  If you really want to know how to make passionate love to your wife, and you aren’t going down on her very much right now, you owe it to her to get better at oral sex.  What you have in your mouth is a self lubricated, softer than silicon, living dildo.  You wanna know how to make your wife love you?  Learn how to lick her in a way that makes her toes curl and her hair stand on end.  Your tongue is also great for talking, but when push comes to shove and you’re making love with your wife, being able to drive her crazy when you go down on her will give her something that will keep her coming back.

We all want nothing more than to make sure that our wives are sexually satisfied.  Making love with your wife, as opposed to just having sex with her, will fill her up emotionally instead of draining her and making her feel used.  Pay attention to her, love her with everything inside of you, and talk to her so you can know what she needs from you.

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