Make A Girl Come Fast So She Keeps Coming Back For More!

If you can make a girl come fast, chances are better she’ll be up for another round than if it takes forever for you to get her over the edge.  All girls are different of course and there are times when teasing her and making her wait is the better approach.  But then there are times when it would be nice to be able to make her come without it taking too much time.. maybe even for your own confidence, just to know you can.

3 Tips To Make A Girl Come Fast


1. Start Early.  Girls aren’t like us.  I mean, they are and they aren’t.  One way they’re not is that they don’t usually get in the mood in a matter of seconds.  So if at all possible, when you want to make a girl come fast, you need to start to get sex into her head long before you actually want to get her to that point.  Write her a suggestive text message, leave a message on her phone, buy her a little gift that she can find somewhere around the house so she knows you’re thinking about her even when you’re out by yourself.  The sooner you start getting her warmed up, the easier things will be when you get down to it.

2. Kiss Her. So I’m guessing you might have been able to figure that one out on your own, but kissing her does more than foreplay.  It turns sex into an all encompassing activity.  When you’re kissing her there is very little chance that she will be distracted or able to think about something else (if you can’t keep her engaged even when you’re making out with her, you might have some more serious issues.. 😉  So as much as you can try to keep kissing her no matter what else you’re doing together.  With one exception..

3. Go Oral.  There is simply no better way to make a girl come fast than by going down on her.  Your tongue, if used properly, will be able to more than compete with all of those toys she enjoys so much.  Think about it.. Instant wetness, warmth and just the right amount of friction.  Licking her is quite simply not just the way to make her come the fastest, but also the best way to make a girl come fast, period.

If you’re trying to get a handle on how to make a girl come fast, you owe it to yourself to learn how to use your tongue down there.  And once you know you can make her come fast, you can also enjoy figuring out how to make a woman orgasm slowly.