Please My Wife – Discover What You Need To Do!

When I want to please my wife, I try to think of what it must be like to be her.  I think of what she wants, the things we’ve talked about regarding her hopes and dreams.  I try to think of the things that know make her happy.  It’s not always easy, and what I do doesn’t always make her happy, but in my years of marriage here are some things I’ve learned that might help you..

1. Make Her Feel Safe.  Girls like to feel taken care of.  Yeah, they like to be independent and feel like you appreciate that they have their own things going on, but even a woman who is the CEO of a major company, wants a man to take care of her.  My wife is a strong woman too, but she still needs me to take care of her.  To make her feel like I’ve got it.  Like I care enough about her to do little and big things that make her feel safe.

2. Make Her Feel Special.  Try bragging about her to your friends and family.  Tell them how good she is at something, or tell her how impressed you are by something she accomplished.  This will communicate to her that you’re proud of her and that you appreciate who she is as a person, two things that will make her feel really good about herself.

3. Give Her Pleasure. When I please my wife with sex, I try to do something that is all about her.  Something unselfish.  If it’s done right, I think oral sex is the best way a man can pleasure his wife in bed. Let her show you what she likes.  She can do this either by telling you or giving you some other physical sign that she likes what you’re doing. Learn how to go down on your wife, and she will be forever grateful.