How To Lick A Vagina Video

Here’s a video about how to lick a vagina.. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn a thing or two about how important it is that you know how to go down on your girl in a way that will make her go crazy for you..

I’ve been reading lately that there are guys out there who actually think it’s not such a nice thing to do, and I really can’t, for the life of me, understand that.  I mean, I guess if she’s not so clean down there that’s one thing, but it would surprise me if there are many girls out there who would let you any where near them if they weren’t clean as a whistle and fresh as a peach.

I mean if you think you’re self conscious about what you’ve got, you gotta believe me when I tell you that she’s 10 times more self conscious of how she looks, smells, and tastes down there. And if you’re with a girl who doesn’t keep things trim and fresh, maybe oral sex isn’t the only kind of sexual activity you aren’t really wanting to do with her anyway..  Just a thought.. Enjoy the video..


If you’re still here I just wanted to make a comment on the power of using video to get out a message these days.  Whether you’re talking about a subject like how to lick a vagina or something completely unrelated, the world is getting so much more into images and videos that making a little slideshow and adding some music to it is a really good way to communicate with people nowadays.

I know that I would rather spend a minute or two watching a well made video than reading tons and tons of text.   I try to keep the articles here on the site short and to the point, also for the same purpose.  When I’m browsing I don’t like to read huge paragraphs of text either.  It’s just not fun.  No one goes online just to feel like they’re back in school.

Anyone got any opinions on the readability of the site?  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

How To Lick and Pleasure Her Vagina Better Than Ever

Do you want to know just how to lick your wife?  Ever wonder if she’s not telling you the whole truth when she says that you’re great in bed?  Do you think you’ve got going down on her all figured out?  Here are a few things you can do to make sure she’s getting what she needs..

1. Relaxation. Candles and soft music are cliche when it comes to sex, but they work and are important because they help to distract her. Unlike you, your wife needs to be “in the mood” to have sex because her biggest sex organ is between her ears. You need to help her let go of everything she keeps in her head by providing an atmosphere that helps her to relax and stop worrying about stuff.  That’s how to make a woman orgasm.

2. Easy On The Clitoris. Yes it’s the most sensitive part of her body and yes it’s important, but if you only focus on her clitoris, you deny her a lot of sexual pleasure. So pay attention to the other parts of her vagina.. the outer lips, the inner lips. Explore her inner thighs and her stomach. Enjoy all the different aspects of that wonderful piece of anatomy she has.

3. Tease Her. Just because you can lick her clitoris until she comes doesn’t mean that’s all you should do down there. If you vary the intensity and direction of how you move your tongue, you will prolong her pleasure by delaying her orgasm. Too much focus on her clit causes it to lose sensitivity, so go easy and she will wonder where you learned how to lick her like that.

How To Lick – Find Out What All Guys Ought To Know About Going Down On Their Wives!

So you’re wondering how to lick your wife?  Guess on the surface it seems pretty straightforward: You put your head between her legs and the start licking.  If you think there must more to it than that, you’re on the right track.  I’m not sure about you but I don’t always know for sure that my wife is enjoying my oral activities.  Sometimes I think she’s aware that a man’s ego can be quite delicate when it comes to knowing that we’re pleasing our women, and it can get to feeling like she might not be getting as much out of it as I’d like her to.  Here’s a few things that I’ve discovered that might help make oral sex with your woman better..

1. Chill Out.  This applies to you, but more to her.  Women have this uncanny ability to hold a whole bunch of things in their heads at one time.  That’s one of the biggest differences between us and them.  Generally when we start thinking about sex, all other thoughts go out the window.  Chances are your wife’s not like that.  Your girl wants to be taken care of and feel safe.  It’s a tremendously intimate activity for her to have your head, and nose, down around her vagina.  In a lot of ways, it’s much more intimate than intercourse.  So if you want to go down on her and her to enjoy it, spend the day talking to her, checking in to see how she’s doing, and make sure she knows how much you appreciate the things she does for you.  You could have the best oral skills ever, but if you can’t get her to let you down there, it won’t really matter much.

2.  Build her up.  Be genuine about this.  Girls are as good at smelling bs as we are.  They are also extremely self-conscious, especially when it comes to how they look down there.  Who knows, she may have some idea of what she’s supposed to look like and have issues about not looking like that.  So let her know that you like what you see, and how beautiful every last inch of her is.  Everything you can do to make her feel more comfortable and at ease with you down there will help you give her a better experience the next time you’re going down on her.

3. Rinse off.  She’s heard the stories about girls who smell like fish just like you have so showering first is a great way to rid her of any anxiety about how she smells and tastes.  The last thing she wants is for you to think she’s nasty or disgusting, and trust me, she’s worried about that possibility.  So clean up together first, maybe even help each other get clean.  And then when you get to the point of tasting her, be sure to work your way back up at some point so you can whisper in her ear how good she tastes and that you enjoy discovering new ways of how to lick her.