How important is it to get rid of all of the hair down there?  Well, to some extent it’s a matter of personal preference.  No one likes a forest (k, maybe a few people do), lots of people like things perfectly smooth, and then there are some options in between that involve leaving hair in what might be called strategic places.

What are the benefits to shaving?  Well, it enhances sensitivity, feeling cleaner makes you feel more sexy, and visually it lets you see more.  And when it comes to oral sex, there is nothing worse than getting a hair between your teeth.  Not as bad as a hair in your food cause at least you know where it’s coming from, but there’s nothing sexy about trying to fish a hair out of your mouth when you’re trying to put your tongue other places.

Shaving with a blade is, well, dangerous and downright silly for guys.  Girls can get away with it if it’s done in the shower with plenty of gentle soap or cream, but I can’t think of a worse part of the human anatomy to put a razor blade on than the scrotum.  All those folds are a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately there’s something out there that’s better than clippers (they work ok, especially a beard trimmer, but it’s far from ideal.. you can still do a lot of damage down there if you’re not careful, and it doesn’t get quite as smooth as you’d like to have it).

If you’re looking for something else, you can find a very useful solution here.  They’ve got something called Body Bare. You use it dry, with baby powder, so you can get yourself cleaned up without a shower which is very convenient.  Very nice system, and gets you as smooth as you want to be.  Only thing is it’s not the cheapest shaver out there, but then I really believe you get what you pay for.

Click Here to find a great selection of personal shavers.  They’ve got testimonials too, including a ringing endorsement from the webmistress over at (someone who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to adult products).