Make A Woman Reach Climax And Scream Your Name

Make a woman reach climax.  Shouldn’t that be our goal every time we get into bed with our girls?  I know they say they don’t always want to have an orgasm, or that they’re fine with it happening for us and not for them sometimes, but I can’t help wondering if they’re just saying that to be nice.  Part of me thinks that my girl understands the male ego well enough to know that it would be hard for me to handle knowing that I just wasn’t doing it for her.


Make A Woman Reach Climax Every Time She Wants To


I’m not gonna lie.  If a woman really doesn’t want to come, there’s not much chance you’re gonna get her there.  So much of a woman’s sexuality is up in her head, that if you don’t engage that part of her, chances are the rest of her won’t get to where you want it to go either.

And getting into her head can start hours or even days before you wind up in bed with her.  One comment, one look, something that makes her stop up and notice you.  If you can do something to get her attention, break her out of her everyday routine, she’s going to remember you and she’ll be thinking of what will happen when the sexual tension between the two of you boils over.

I was watching a movie with my wife the other day and there was a scene where two people, who had met each other only once before, we sitting in a cafe eating lunch together.  She was married, he was single.  She was clearly attracted to him, and asked him the question, “What would you do to me?”.

This guy proceeded to slowly walk through every step of how he would enjoy her body.  Starting by nibbling her ears, and the spending time getting to know how her body worked.  Biting her nipples because that’s what that part of her liked.  He went on and on.

I looked over at my wife, and she was entranced.  Her jaw was open and she was fully absorbed in the description this guy was giving.  Keep in mind, this is two fully clothes people having lunch at a cafe.

And yet my wife found this very intriguing.  I say that just to emphasize the fact that your girl is different than you.  And if you want to make a woman reach climax, you have to engage her mind.  You have to tease her, and leave her wondering what’s going to happen.

This is all easier said than done of course, and once you’re engaged with her sexually going down on her will be the best way to make sure she climaxes.

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