There’s no doubt that lubrication is important for a healthy sex life. You won’t always need it, but for certain activities it’s just invaluable. There is nothing that ruins the moment more than friction that causes pain. It’s just not comfortable.

So what makes for a good lube? Well, I think there are 2 basic things most of us are considered with when it comes to lubricants.. Are they slippery? Do they last long enough?

Now here’s the thing.. I think there should be one more thing we all ask ourselves.. Is that something I want to put on my skin? And not just skin, but the most sensitive and delicate skin on your entire body.

KY is the most popular brand out there. It is almost as well known when it comes to lube as Kleenex is when it comes to facial tissues. Have you ever read what is in that stuff? Parabens (substances used as preservatives which are cheap, but also do horrible things to your hormones and they are suspected to cause breast and prostate cancer), propylene glycol (derived from oil and used to open your pores to substances can be more easily absorbed), and sodium hydroxide (which is anything but gentle to your sensitive tissues).

In recent years there have been a few companies who have come up with products based on organic ingredients that are light years healthier. One of the ones I know about is called Aloe Cadabra.  It’s made with organic Aloe Vera and besides providing good lubrication it is also safe to ingest (which we love here at, safe to use with condoms, and can be used regularly to treat vaginal dryness.  Good stuff, and about time someone came up with it.