Make A Woman Reach Climax And Scream Your Name

Make a woman reach climax.  Shouldn’t that be our goal every time we get into bed with our girls?  I know they say they don’t always want to have an orgasm, or that they’re fine with it happening for us and not for them sometimes, but I can’t help wondering if they’re just saying that to be nice.  Part of me thinks that my girl understands the male ego well enough to know that it would be hard for me to handle knowing that I just wasn’t doing it for her.


Make A Woman Reach Climax Every Time She Wants To


I’m not gonna lie.  If a woman really doesn’t want to come, there’s not much chance you’re gonna get her there.  So much of a woman’s sexuality is up in her head, that if you don’t engage that part of her, chances are the rest of her won’t get to where you want it to go either.

And getting into her head can start hours or even days before you wind up in bed with her.  One comment, one look, something that makes her stop up and notice you.  If you can do something to get her attention, break her out of her everyday routine, she’s going to remember you and she’ll be thinking of what will happen when the sexual tension between the two of you boils over.

I was watching a movie with my wife the other day and there was a scene where two people, who had met each other only once before, we sitting in a cafe eating lunch together.  She was married, he was single.  She was clearly attracted to him, and asked him the question, “What would you do to me?”.

This guy proceeded to slowly walk through every step of how he would enjoy her body.  Starting by nibbling her ears, and the spending time getting to know how her body worked.  Biting her nipples because that’s what that part of her liked.  He went on and on.

I looked over at my wife, and she was entranced.  Her jaw was open and she was fully absorbed in the description this guy was giving.  Keep in mind, this is two fully clothes people having lunch at a cafe.

And yet my wife found this very intriguing.  I say that just to emphasize the fact that your girl is different than you.  And if you want to make a woman reach climax, you have to engage her mind.  You have to tease her, and leave her wondering what’s going to happen.

This is all easier said than done of course, and once you’re engaged with her sexually going down on her will be the best way to make sure she climaxes.

Make A Girl Come Fast So She Keeps Coming Back For More!

If you can make a girl come fast, chances are better she’ll be up for another round than if it takes forever for you to get her over the edge.  All girls are different of course and there are times when teasing her and making her wait is the better approach.  But then there are times when it would be nice to be able to make her come without it taking too much time.. maybe even for your own confidence, just to know you can.

3 Tips To Make A Girl Come Fast


1. Start Early.  Girls aren’t like us.  I mean, they are and they aren’t.  One way they’re not is that they don’t usually get in the mood in a matter of seconds.  So if at all possible, when you want to make a girl come fast, you need to start to get sex into her head long before you actually want to get her to that point.  Write her a suggestive text message, leave a message on her phone, buy her a little gift that she can find somewhere around the house so she knows you’re thinking about her even when you’re out by yourself.  The sooner you start getting her warmed up, the easier things will be when you get down to it.

2. Kiss Her. So I’m guessing you might have been able to figure that one out on your own, but kissing her does more than foreplay.  It turns sex into an all encompassing activity.  When you’re kissing her there is very little chance that she will be distracted or able to think about something else (if you can’t keep her engaged even when you’re making out with her, you might have some more serious issues.. 😉  So as much as you can try to keep kissing her no matter what else you’re doing together.  With one exception..

3. Go Oral.  There is simply no better way to make a girl come fast than by going down on her.  Your tongue, if used properly, will be able to more than compete with all of those toys she enjoys so much.  Think about it.. Instant wetness, warmth and just the right amount of friction.  Licking her is quite simply not just the way to make her come the fastest, but also the best way to make a girl come fast, period.

If you’re trying to get a handle on how to make a girl come fast, you owe it to yourself to learn how to use your tongue down there.  And once you know you can make her come fast, you can also enjoy figuring out how to make a woman orgasm slowly.

How To Make Her Orgasm – 5 Great Tips To Help You Get Her Over The Edge

If you’re having trouble getting your wife to climax then I hope you’ll find some of the following information helpful.  It’s a sensitive topic, and not knowing how to make her orgasm can be extremely frustrating for both of you.  As a man, it can shake your sexual confidence to know that you can’t provide your woman with the kind of release she needs.  And for her, well, imagine not being able to have an orgasm.  Frustration probably can’t even begin to describe what she’s feeling.  Here’s a few things that might help..

Tips For How To Make Her Orgasm


1. Talk to her.  The first thing to do should be to talk to her about what’s going on.  See if there might be an easy fix.  Maybe she needs to be touched a way that you’re not touching her, or she has some kind of sexual need that you haven’t even thought of trying to satisfy yet.  You’ll never know how to make her orgasm until you ask, so make an effort to open the lines of communication.

2. Less pressure.  There’s a good chance that if this is something that has been going on for any period of time, that you are both feeling a lot of pressure to get her to have an orgasm.  Problem is that something that requires completely letting go doesn’t get any easier when there is pressure to perform.  So agree to just touch each other and enjoy each other.  Try to have a sexual experience that isn’t focused on the end result.  You might find that taking the focus off of the orgasm might help her to get there without even realizing it.

3. Birth control.  This might seem obvious, but if you’re not planning on having a baby then you should both be very aware of what is being done to make sure that doesn’t happen.  If she is at all worried about getting pregnant, that will seriously hurt her chances of fully letting go, and that could very well be why you can’t figure out how to make her orgasm.

4.  Lights out.  There’s a good chance that your wife is self conscious,  If she’s wondering what you think of her thighs or stomach when she should be totally focused on receiving sexual pleasure, that will create a block and could very well keep her from having an orgasm.  So turn the lights off, and you might find that you’re further along the path of how to make her orgasm.

5. Go down on her.  I saved the best tip for last.  When you think about, it kinda makes sense that this is the easiest way to make her orgasm.  The kind of clitoral stimulation you can provide with your tongue and your lips is different from what the rest of your body can do.  For one it’s moist given that your saliva provides lubrication.  The other thing is that your tongue is probably the most flexible muscle you have.

It can be moved in just about any kind of direction you can think of.  When you consider that in addition to directions you can also vary how fast you’re moving your tongue and how much of your tongue is making contact with her, it becomes pretty apparent why that’s such a good tool to drive your woman crazy and could very well help you on your way to figuring out how to make her orgasm.

How To Make A Woman Orgasm – Make Her Climax Now With These 3 Great Tips!

Women are amazingly complicated, beautiful creatures and knowing how to make a woman orgasm is an amazing feeling.  They are also completely different from us men and admitting to that fact is the first step in helping to get them to orgasm.  Not being able to get your woman to climax can cause problems with confidence and self esteem in the bedroom, for both you and her.  The good news is that chances are there’s a reasonably easy way to get your girl over the edge and here are a few tips that should help you on your way.

1. Open your mouth. And no, I’m not talking about french kissing.  It’s an established fact that a woman’s largest sex organ is her brain.  Sure, there are girls out there who are nymphs, but chances are that’s not the case for your girl.

So you need to find a way to get intimate with her orally, before sex ever enters the picture.  If not, chances are sex won’t enter the picture, or at least not as often as you’d like it to.  She needs to feel safe enough with you that she can let go.  And to have an orgasm, she needs to have let her guard down.  So talk to her, ask her how she feels about important things and your relationship.

2. Learn From The Master.  This is not such a great tip if your woman has never had an orgasm, but assuming she has, getting her to show you how she does it for herself is one of the best ways of learning how to give her an orgasm.

You can do this a couple of different ways, but what you should avoid is making her feel like she’s on display, cause chances are she’s not gonna go for that.  You could masturbate at the same time, or have her use your hand to touch herself.  And remember that this is about her, so turn off the lights and talk to her while you’re doing it.

3. Go Down On Her. If you don’t lick her then you should start giving her oral sex cause studies have shown that that’s the easiest way for most women to have an orgasm.   I goess when you think about it your tongue is a warm and wet object, and those two facts make it a good instrument to use on that part of her body.

Of course learning how to lick her properly is about a lot more than just licking her vagina like crazy.  Take some time to learn the ins and outs of how to give her the most pleasure possible with your tongue.