How To Lick and Pleasure Her Vagina Better Than Ever

Do you want to know just how to lick your wife?  Ever wonder if she’s not telling you the whole truth when she says that you’re great in bed?  Do you think you’ve got going down on her all figured out?  Here are a few things you can do to make sure she’s getting what she needs..

1. Relaxation. Candles and soft music are cliche when it comes to sex, but they work and are important because they help to distract her. Unlike you, your wife needs to be “in the mood” to have sex because her biggest sex organ is between her ears. You need to help her let go of everything she keeps in her head by providing an atmosphere that helps her to relax and stop worrying about stuff.  That’s how to make a woman orgasm.

2. Easy On The Clitoris. Yes it’s the most sensitive part of her body and yes it’s important, but if you only focus on her clitoris, you deny her a lot of sexual pleasure. So pay attention to the other parts of her vagina.. the outer lips, the inner lips. Explore her inner thighs and her stomach. Enjoy all the different aspects of that wonderful piece of anatomy she has.

3. Tease Her. Just because you can lick her clitoris until she comes doesn’t mean that’s all you should do down there. If you vary the intensity and direction of how you move your tongue, you will prolong her pleasure by delaying her orgasm. Too much focus on her clit causes it to lose sensitivity, so go easy and she will wonder where you learned how to lick her like that.

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