How To Lick Her Out – Ways To Lick Her Like She Always Wanted

Knowing how to lick her out is one of the best ways to make sure that you girl is satisfied in bed. The similarities between your tongue and her vagina make using that part of you on her a match made in heaven. Knowing how to do it properly and well will help you to give her the kind of sexual experience you know she deserves, and will help to make her want to give you the same in return.

Tips For How To Lick Her Out


1. Clean Up. Yeah, she should be clean down there, but you need to clean yourself up to. Make sure to brush your teeth. Everything will feel more fresh and clean if you make sure you mouth is minty fresh before you get to licking her vagina. The other thing you want to do is to trim and clean your fingernails. Hopefully at some point your fingers will be helping your tongue and making sure you have a smooth, soft finger to slide into her will ensure that you don’t wreck the moment.

You should also shave. Stubble from your beard can be really irritating to her delicate tissues. She might be too polite to tell you that it’s bothering her. So if you notice that she doesn’t seem that into it even tough you think you’re doing everything right, it might just be that your face feels like sandpaper.

2. Go Easy. Congratulations, you have realized that the clitoris is the most sensitive part of her body and the easiest way to make her orgasm. Now forget that you ever found that out and try to bring all the other parts of her into the experience as well. Ripping off her panties and furiously licking her clit won’t work unless there has been some serious foreplay beforehand. That kind of approach is more likely to tickle her or feel uncomfortable to her.

So use your tongue on other parts of her body and vagina too. Lick her outer lips, kiss her thighs, lick her stomach. Don’t be offended if she laughs. Her skin down in that area can be very sensitive, and before she is adequately excited, it might tickle more than it tantalizes. Try biting her lightly to desensitize the areas that make her laugh and soon that laughter will turn to moaning.

3. Variation. All the efforts you put in to learning how to lick her out will pay off in the end. Your tongue is an infinitely flexible muscle, so you should be taking advantage of that fact by moving it in all kinds of different directions. Swirl it around in circles, use just the tip, use the whole flat surface, flick her clitoris with just the tip. If you can roll your tongue you can suck on her clit with your tongue rolled.

If it’s long enough, you can even thrust your tongue in and out of her. Mix it up and have some fun. Be sure to let her know that she can tell you what feels good and what doesn’t, and that you won’t be offended if she tells you something doesn’t feel good.  Remember that she’s the best teacher when it comes to learning how to lick her out the way she likes.

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