How To Eat A Girl Out The Right Way!

Eat a girl out right the first time, and she’ll love you forever.  If you don’t know how to eat a girl out, then take some time to learn a bit before you try, because you only get one first shot.  Properly done, oral sex can be an amazing way to give her incredible amounts of pleasure, but if what you do to her causes her pain, or is annoying, or worse yet makes her bored, chances are you’ll have a hard time getting back down there.  So keep the following in mind..

How To Eat A Girl Out

1. Start slow.  This is a good general rule when it comes to giving your girl pleasure in bed, and it’s one that you should remind yourself of often.  Going for the good stuff too fast is gonna make her feel used, and any kind of sexual activity is gonna feel less than great if she’s not properly turned on.  Read my lips:  Kiss her.  Kiss her on the mouth, on the neck, nibble her ears.  Whatever she likes that turns her on, cause once you get her going she will be way more receptive to whatever else you have in store for her.

2. Praise her pussy.  Now come one guys, how many times has she said she loves what you’ve got down there, that it’s plenty big enough and more than hard enough.  Makes you feel pretty good, right?  Well, there’s a good chance she might be a little insecure about how she looks or smells or tastes down there.  And if you don’t say anything positive, she’s gonna assume you’re thinking something negative.

So tell her she smells good (but in a very subtle kind of way.. girls want to smell nice, but they don’t want to hear that they smell a lot even if it’s in a good way.. that’s a bad mistake to make).  You’ll never get the chance to learn how to eat a girl out if she thinks you’re anything but a huge fan of her most private parts.

3. Be confident.  You might have heard that it’s a good idea to ask your girl what she likes in bed.   But whatever you do, don’t ask her if she likes what you’re doing the first time you go down on her.  You need to act like you know what you’re doing, cause if she’s gonna be nervous enough about the whole situation without having to add your insecurity to her list of worries.

Girls who feel like they need to be in control have a hard time relaxing, and no girl can enjoy receiving oral sex if she’s not relaxed.  So even if you’re not totally sure what you’re doing, act like you are.  Later on you might want to ask how you did, but save your tongue for licking, not talking, the first time you eat a girl out.

Knowing how to lick her is important, but if you can’t get to the point where she lets you lick her, then all of the techniques in the world are pretty useless.  But now that you’ve actually got the green light to eat a girl out, check out the best way to eat a girl out to discover more juicy details.

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