Going Down On Her – Learn How To Do It Right

When it comes to going down on her, even a poor effort usually gives her some kind of pleasure.  I mean we’re talking about one warm, wet thing making contact with another warm, and hopefully wet, thing.  It’s the perfect match.  Now that doesn’t mean that we get it right all the time, or that your wife couldn’t enjoy you giving her oral sex more than she does right now.  There are a couple of things you can do that are vital if you want to give her a better experience when you go south of the border.

Tips for Going Down On Her

1. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness.  You’ve heard this saying I’m sure, maybe usually in reference to someone’s home.  Well, the principle holds true when you’re gonna put your face between her legs.  Now don’t think for a second that she takes you going down there lightly, or that she’s now wondering what you think of how she looks, and smells, and tastes.  So take it upon yourself to answer those unasked questions, because if you let her assume she’ll assume something negative.  Be vocal about how amazing she looks, how much you like her mild taste (women like to know they don’t taste bad, but they don’t generally want to know that they taste a lot).   Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and lick your lips.  A woman who knows you think she looks and smells good will be much more receptive to the whole process.

2. Don’t Let Her Mind Wander.  Women aren’t like us.  They can have more than one thing in their head at a time.  Even with your tongue an inch away from her clitoris, she can still be wondering if you took out the trash or thinking about that newsletter she was supposed to update for her blog members.  So make an effort to set the mood.  Try to get her to relax as much as possible before you start to lick her.  And be sure to look up and make eye contact while you’re going down on her because the fact that your face is so far away from hers means that she can more easily be distracted.

3. One Word: Variation.  If you think licking her clit is all there is to giving her good oral sex, think again.  Pay attention to the other parts of her anatomy too, like her outer lips, her inner thighs, even her stomach.  Don’t be in a rush to get her to orgasm, unless she’s making it clear that that’s what she wants.  Women like to be teased, and the longer you can excite her before she reaches climax, the stronger her orgasm will be once you do get her there.

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