How To Eat A Girl Out The Right Way!

Eat a girl out right the first time, and she’ll love you forever.  If you don’t know how to eat a girl out, then take some time to learn a bit before you try, because you only get one first shot.  Properly done, oral sex can be an amazing way to give her incredible amounts of pleasure, but if what you do to her causes her pain, or is annoying, or worse yet makes her bored, chances are you’ll have a hard time getting back down there.  So keep the following in mind..

How To Eat A Girl Out

1. Start slow.  This is a good general rule when it comes to giving your girl pleasure in bed, and it’s one that you should remind yourself of often.  Going for the good stuff too fast is gonna make her feel used, and any kind of sexual activity is gonna feel less than great if she’s not properly turned on.  Read my lips:  Kiss her.  Kiss her on the mouth, on the neck, nibble her ears.  Whatever she likes that turns her on, cause once you get her going she will be way more receptive to whatever else you have in store for her.

2. Praise her pussy.  Now come one guys, how many times has she said she loves what you’ve got down there, that it’s plenty big enough and more than hard enough.  Makes you feel pretty good, right?  Well, there’s a good chance she might be a little insecure about how she looks or smells or tastes down there.  And if you don’t say anything positive, she’s gonna assume you’re thinking something negative.

So tell her she smells good (but in a very subtle kind of way.. girls want to smell nice, but they don’t want to hear that they smell a lot even if it’s in a good way.. that’s a bad mistake to make).  You’ll never get the chance to learn how to eat a girl out if she thinks you’re anything but a huge fan of her most private parts.

3. Be confident.  You might have heard that it’s a good idea to ask your girl what she likes in bed.   But whatever you do, don’t ask her if she likes what you’re doing the first time you go down on her.  You need to act like you know what you’re doing, cause if she’s gonna be nervous enough about the whole situation without having to add your insecurity to her list of worries.

Girls who feel like they need to be in control have a hard time relaxing, and no girl can enjoy receiving oral sex if she’s not relaxed.  So even if you’re not totally sure what you’re doing, act like you are.  Later on you might want to ask how you did, but save your tongue for licking, not talking, the first time you eat a girl out.

Knowing how to lick her is important, but if you can’t get to the point where she lets you lick her, then all of the techniques in the world are pretty useless.  But now that you’ve actually got the green light to eat a girl out, check out the best way to eat a girl out to discover more juicy details.

Make A Woman Reach Climax And Scream Your Name

Make a woman reach climax.  Shouldn’t that be our goal every time we get into bed with our girls?  I know they say they don’t always want to have an orgasm, or that they’re fine with it happening for us and not for them sometimes, but I can’t help wondering if they’re just saying that to be nice.  Part of me thinks that my girl understands the male ego well enough to know that it would be hard for me to handle knowing that I just wasn’t doing it for her.


Make A Woman Reach Climax Every Time She Wants To


I’m not gonna lie.  If a woman really doesn’t want to come, there’s not much chance you’re gonna get her there.  So much of a woman’s sexuality is up in her head, that if you don’t engage that part of her, chances are the rest of her won’t get to where you want it to go either.

And getting into her head can start hours or even days before you wind up in bed with her.  One comment, one look, something that makes her stop up and notice you.  If you can do something to get her attention, break her out of her everyday routine, she’s going to remember you and she’ll be thinking of what will happen when the sexual tension between the two of you boils over.

I was watching a movie with my wife the other day and there was a scene where two people, who had met each other only once before, we sitting in a cafe eating lunch together.  She was married, he was single.  She was clearly attracted to him, and asked him the question, “What would you do to me?”.

This guy proceeded to slowly walk through every step of how he would enjoy her body.  Starting by nibbling her ears, and the spending time getting to know how her body worked.  Biting her nipples because that’s what that part of her liked.  He went on and on.

I looked over at my wife, and she was entranced.  Her jaw was open and she was fully absorbed in the description this guy was giving.  Keep in mind, this is two fully clothes people having lunch at a cafe.

And yet my wife found this very intriguing.  I say that just to emphasize the fact that your girl is different than you.  And if you want to make a woman reach climax, you have to engage her mind.  You have to tease her, and leave her wondering what’s going to happen.

This is all easier said than done of course, and once you’re engaged with her sexually going down on her will be the best way to make sure she climaxes.

How To Lick A Vagina Video

Here’s a video about how to lick a vagina.. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn a thing or two about how important it is that you know how to go down on your girl in a way that will make her go crazy for you..

I’ve been reading lately that there are guys out there who actually think it’s not such a nice thing to do, and I really can’t, for the life of me, understand that.  I mean, I guess if she’s not so clean down there that’s one thing, but it would surprise me if there are many girls out there who would let you any where near them if they weren’t clean as a whistle and fresh as a peach.

I mean if you think you’re self conscious about what you’ve got, you gotta believe me when I tell you that she’s 10 times more self conscious of how she looks, smells, and tastes down there. And if you’re with a girl who doesn’t keep things trim and fresh, maybe oral sex isn’t the only kind of sexual activity you aren’t really wanting to do with her anyway..  Just a thought.. Enjoy the video..


If you’re still here I just wanted to make a comment on the power of using video to get out a message these days.  Whether you’re talking about a subject like how to lick a vagina or something completely unrelated, the world is getting so much more into images and videos that making a little slideshow and adding some music to it is a really good way to communicate with people nowadays.

I know that I would rather spend a minute or two watching a well made video than reading tons and tons of text.   I try to keep the articles here on the site short and to the point, also for the same purpose.  When I’m browsing I don’t like to read huge paragraphs of text either.  It’s just not fun.  No one goes online just to feel like they’re back in school.

Anyone got any opinions on the readability of the site?  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Make A Girl Come Fast So She Keeps Coming Back For More!

If you can make a girl come fast, chances are better she’ll be up for another round than if it takes forever for you to get her over the edge.  All girls are different of course and there are times when teasing her and making her wait is the better approach.  But then there are times when it would be nice to be able to make her come without it taking too much time.. maybe even for your own confidence, just to know you can.

3 Tips To Make A Girl Come Fast


1. Start Early.  Girls aren’t like us.  I mean, they are and they aren’t.  One way they’re not is that they don’t usually get in the mood in a matter of seconds.  So if at all possible, when you want to make a girl come fast, you need to start to get sex into her head long before you actually want to get her to that point.  Write her a suggestive text message, leave a message on her phone, buy her a little gift that she can find somewhere around the house so she knows you’re thinking about her even when you’re out by yourself.  The sooner you start getting her warmed up, the easier things will be when you get down to it.

2. Kiss Her. So I’m guessing you might have been able to figure that one out on your own, but kissing her does more than foreplay.  It turns sex into an all encompassing activity.  When you’re kissing her there is very little chance that she will be distracted or able to think about something else (if you can’t keep her engaged even when you’re making out with her, you might have some more serious issues.. 😉  So as much as you can try to keep kissing her no matter what else you’re doing together.  With one exception..

3. Go Oral.  There is simply no better way to make a girl come fast than by going down on her.  Your tongue, if used properly, will be able to more than compete with all of those toys she enjoys so much.  Think about it.. Instant wetness, warmth and just the right amount of friction.  Licking her is quite simply not just the way to make her come the fastest, but also the best way to make a girl come fast, period.

If you’re trying to get a handle on how to make a girl come fast, you owe it to yourself to learn how to use your tongue down there.  And once you know you can make her come fast, you can also enjoy figuring out how to make a woman orgasm slowly.

Making Love With Your Wife – 3 Tips To Help Your Lovemaking

Making love with your wife isn’t something that you should be able to describe in a sentence or two.  It should be an intimate, passionate experience and you should feel a connection with her that is unlike anything else you experience in the rest of your life.  There is a difference between having sex with your wife and making love to her.  If you wanna treat her with the respect she deserves and experience the kind of passion you both deserve, here are some things you might want to consider.

Tips For Making Love With Your Wife


1. Get Intimate.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before, so it’s more a question of how you make this happen.  And the thing is it’s not like you can say to your wife, “Alright, I guess we should start by getting intimate” and she will open up and be all vulnerable.  For her to be intimate with you, really let you in, she needs to know that you want to get to know her.. AS A PERSON.  Yeah she wants to know you love her body and are really attracted to her, but for her to be intimate with you she needs to trust you.  And that means she needs to know you’re interested in who she is as a person.  Letting her know that you feel that way is one way to make your wife feel loved when you’re making love with your wife.

2.  Talk To Her.  I know, nothing new here either, but the key is in how you talk to her.  If there is stuff between the two of you that you aren’t saying, then that will prevent you from being close sexually. Making love with your wife  is not some thing that exists in isolation, it is an extension of your relationship as a whole.  If you resent something she’s done, or are annoyed with her, that’s not the way to love your wife.  I mean of course you can feel that way, but then you need to tell her about it.  If you think she’s not paying enough attention to you, or is giving the kids so much attention that she’s neglecting you, don’t go weeks feeling frustrated about it.  Just say it to her.

Sure she might get defensive and lash out at you, but afterwards chances are you can have a conversation about exactly what the problem is.  And once you have an idea of what’s wrong, then you can start to take steps to fix it.

3. Use Your Tongue.  And this time it has nothing to do with talking.  If you really want to know how to make passionate love to your wife, and you aren’t going down on her very much right now, you owe it to her to get better at oral sex.  What you have in your mouth is a self lubricated, softer than silicon, living dildo.  You wanna know how to make your wife love you?  Learn how to lick her in a way that makes her toes curl and her hair stand on end.  Your tongue is also great for talking, but when push comes to shove and you’re making love with your wife, being able to drive her crazy when you go down on her will give her something that will keep her coming back.

We all want nothing more than to make sure that our wives are sexually satisfied.  Making love with your wife, as opposed to just having sex with her, will fill her up emotionally instead of draining her and making her feel used.  Pay attention to her, love her with everything inside of you, and talk to her so you can know what she needs from you.

Feel free to join the conversation about how to please your wife sexually.