How To Lick A Vagina

How to Lick Her Vagina


Want your wife to be pulling at her panties every time you get close to her?  Want her daydreaming about how hard you made her come when you’re not around? Maybe you think she already does that, but do you know?  Or do you only hope?

Just because you have a tongue and she has what she’s got doesn’t mean she automatically gonna love it.  But we’re all proud people.  Our egos keep us from asking for help, but what she’s got down there is a seriously complicated piece of anatomy.  If you think licking her is all about her clit and nothing else you’re really missing out on a lot of what oral sex could be for her.

I’m not gonna lie.  My wife quite enjoys me going down on her.  A few months ago I found out about this guy named Michael Webb and his product called Lick by Lick. I’m not sure what your situation is, but if you feel like you could be better at knowing how to lick your wife…  If maybe you aren’t sure that you’re satisfying her even if she says you are.  If she doesn’t want you as much as she used to, or if you’re ALWAYS the one initiating sex.

If that’s the case I might have found something that could help you.  This guy has been on Oprah, he’s educated in the area, and he really breaks down the whole experience of going down on your wife in a way that’s easy to understand.  He recognizes that your wife’s an individual, but gives you ways to satisfy her like you’ve never been able to before.

I don’t know if that’s something that interests you, but if it does go and check him out.

It’s not a magic bullet to make your marriage better, but it has helped me do some things for my wife that she had never experienced before.  Good things.  So do your wife and yourself a favor and take a look at what I found.

Feel free to look around the rest of the site.  If this doesn’t interest you maybe there’s something else that would.  At least here you’ll find real information written by a real person.  More than I can say for a lot of the other stuff I’ve found  out there.  Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to find good information online?

So What is Lick by Lick Anyway?


Well, first of all it’s a digital download. That’s a fancy way of saying that it’s not a book that gets sent in the mail. This means that if you want to have a physical book to look at you will need to print it out yourself and put it in a binder.

The great thing about it being a pdf document is that you get access to it as soon as you buy it. There’s no waiting around for something to show up in the mail.  Literally, one click to buy, one click to get the entire ebook.

Most of the book is focused on how to satisfy your girl with your tongue. For instance, he talks about how to overcome her shyness and what exactly to do with your tongue to drive her crazy.

What Are Real People Saying about Lick by Lick?


It’s a sad fact that the internet is full of all kinds of people who sell things that are long on promises and short on actually doing what they say they will. I can assure you, Michael’s guide is nothing like that. Here’s what other people are saying about it…

“Recently, my boyfriend and I read this book together. The author got it right when explaining exactly what a man needs to do to pleasure a woman. Even my boyfriend, who thinks he’s awesome when it comes to oral sex was able to learn what really works vs. what he thinks works. As a couple, this book opened up a conversation that we hadn’t had before and I was able to bring up things that were in the book and explain why I liked them and wished to experience more of. I liked that this book is short and to the point. It was an easy read and definitely helped us.”

–  Jenny G. (Testimony from Micheal’s website)

“You’d think this sort of thing would come naturally, but it doesn’t. I bought this book because I wanted to read something short and instructional so I could put what I learned to use right away. While I found a lot of the content in this book to be what you’d consider common sense, it was good to be reminded about certain techniques and to also get ideas for techniques I had never tried.

The book was written in a friendly, conversational tone which I appreciated. Often books like this can get cutesy or tasteless. This one appealed to my intellect and helped me feel more confident.”

–  Garth C. (Testimony from Michael’s website)


Are There Other Things You Should Know About Lick by Lick?


The great thing about it being a pdf document is that you get access to it as soon as you buy it.  There’s no waiting around for something to show up in the mail.  Literally, one click to buy, one click to get the entire ebook.

Lick By Lick Ebook Michael Webb

The book talks about many different techniques, but even more importantly it reveals the reasons why certain movements feel better to a woman.

Even if you’ve never gone down on a woman before, or have been told that you’re not very good at oral sex, Michael’s book will provide you with the kind of real information you need to be confident that you can give your girl the kind of pleasure she deserves to get when you go down on her.

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